Netflix Voltron Metal Defender set

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Transformers Takara Legends LG-24 Shockwave and Cancer

This one finally came in, I ordered it way back and it kinda got lost in my “order bucket”, glad Greattoys was able to order it for me this late in the game.

I really like the colors on this version a lot! If only they released this guy in Leader or Voyager Class scale, it would be perfect.

Cannon mode

Cancer (Headmaster Lokos)

In the US version, Cancer is renamed Lokos, and is the Headmaster for Squeezeplay.

Cancer can ride on Shockwave’s cannon mode.. kinda. You have to move Shockwave’s arms into a cradle-shaped formation to “catch” Cancer.

I think the Hasbro one was pretty cool too, if only they painted the chest panel.

Link to the Hasbro version gallery.

GoldNetflix Voltron Metal Defender set

Black Lion

Voltron’s “ears” are permanently folded out, so there’s no way to fold them in for this one, sadly. Black Lion does not come with any accessories. All of the lions come with good amounts of diecast and their legs all have ratchet joints.

Red Lion

In the solo pack, Red Lion comes with Voltron’s sword. Both arm lions have spring-connected jaws for holding Voltron’s sword in combined form.

Green Lion

Green Lion’s only accessory is the shield (which isn’t even Voltron’s shield in the show, the actual shield uses the removable wings)

Blue Lion

Blue Lion Does not come with any accessories.

Yellow Lion

Yellow Lion comes with no accessories. Note that the sliding plate on his dorsal side is meant to be slid into the forward position when in lion mode and retracted for when it’s in combined mode.


When they first announced this guy, I was super excited. The final product though is only so-so. It has diecast but not a lot of great engineering went into making this guy. I also wish it came with more accessories. As is it seems a bit overpriced.

I really have trouble connecting the legs in. They just keep pushing back out. Not sure what I was doing wrong here, or is it because the connection design is really that flawed? In the end I just gave up and let the legs rest as is, without really locking them in. It’s much worse for Blue than Yellow.

Voltron cannot look left or right… Gaah…

Oh well, at least it can pull off some mildly decent poses.

The weigh in:
Black Lion – 129 Grams
Red Lion – 67 Grams
Green Lion – 74 Grams
Blue Lion – 76 Grams
Yellow Lion – 78 Grams
Voltron – 424 Grams.

The Lions span roughly over 5 inches long, counting the tip of the tails.

Diecast parts include:
Black Lion – upper torso
Red Lion – main torso and hips
Green Lion – main torso and hips
Blue Lion – main torso and hips
Yellow Lion – main torso and hips

Fully assembled, Metal Defender Voltron stands roughly 8.5 inches tall (10″ if you count the wingtips fully expanded).

Overall, yeah, it’s not terribly great and it comes at a somewhat steep price. The 5 pack has the same toys as the single pack, and comes at the same price so getting them all in single packs or as one big 5 pack is all the same.

The toys have fairly good amounts of diecast and ratchet joints, the spring-connected jaws on the arm lions for gripping the sword is a great touch, but I do wish they could’ve at least made him able to turn his head. The worst part about this thing for me is the trouble locking in the Black Lion’s legs into the leg lions. Engineering in this day and age shouldn’t be so flawed.

I don’t really recommend getting this guy unless you really love Voltron. Here’s hoping some other company gets a hold of the license and makes something epic out of it.


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