NXEdge Style MS Unit EX-S Gundam (Blue Splinter Type) Gundam Sentinel

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NXEdge Style MS Unit EX-S Gundam (Blue Splinter Type) Gundam Sentinel

Set in the year Universal Century 0088, the Extraordinary-Superior Gundam is piloted by Ryou Roots as part of “Task Force Alpha”. The small group is deployed to deal with a rebellion led by former pro-AEUG Federation Forces calling themselves the “New Desides”. Equipped with the combat AI system known as ALICE (Advanced Logistic & Inconsequence Cognizing Equipment), the EX-S Gundam features improved armor and weaponry over its predecessor, the S-Gundam.

Admittedly, I have no idea what this Gundam’s story is all about prior to receiving this figure. I first came across way back in high school in Newtype Magazine and I just fell in love with the highly-detailed mechanical illustrations and details by Hajime Katoki (my first experience with such detailed drawings) but I never looked up what its particular story was. This figure was actually a freebie included with my SOC Gx-37R King Joe purchase.

The EX-S features remote disc-shaped weaponry called INCOM mounted on its head. While it functions almost similar to Fin Funnels, INCOM work even with pilots who don’t have Newtype abilities and are controlled via wire cables.

The MSA-0011 also features hip-mounted beam cannons on both sides of its hips.

The EX-S Gundam stands rougly 4.5 inches tall.

The set comes with two beam sabers for the EX-S.

It also features the clear display base with columns so you can stack the bases on top of other bases with other figures.

Of course there’s also an optional flight stand for the figure.

The Extraordinary-Superior Gundam’s most powerful weapon is the Beam Smart Gun.

To recreate the Beam Smart Gun directly connecting to the Gundam’s generator to power its charge, you will have to swap out the crotch section with the adapter piece and then plug in the rifle.

Overall, I am very happy with this figure. I can say that even with the “Super Deformed” chibi concepts incorporated here, I still love how impressive this looks. I think this may well be the best “freebie” I ever got.


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