Perfect Effect PC-24 for POTP Abominus

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Perfect Effect PC-24

Interesting note, like the PC-23 for the Dinobots, Perfect Effect also made their box glossy this time as well, as opposed to their usual matte finish boxes.


Feet and hands feature the usual “transforms into guns” design the Perfect Effect parts are known for.

Abominus looks much better with the proper sized feet, just wish there was a way to make his thighs thicker though.

With the new hands, Abominus is also more show accurate, as in the cartoons he had the same colored hands. While the default hands that came with Blot and Rippersnapper resulted in different colors for each hand.

PC-24 comes with guns for Hun-gurrr, a replica of his G1 Sonic Stun Gun.

The guns are a bit tricky to equip onto the Abominus hands but they’re supposed to look like this.

Unfortunately, the combined guns are too heavy to hold with just one arm, they drop as soon as you let go.

It is recommended that you use two hands to hold the big combined gun.

Alternately, you can make Abominus hold the rifle with just one arm like so, as it locks the elbow in place so it won’t drop the gun.

This set is highly recommended, as it not only has hands and bigger feet for Abominus but gives him an intimidating rifle to pose with as well.


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