Popy Godaikin KO GT-01 Daimos

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Popy Godaikin KO GT-01 Daimos

The box is huge! It spans roughly 13.5 x 22.5 8 inches in dimension.

A sticker sheet is included.

I eventually decided to not use the stickers though, since I wasn’t really sure how good the quality of the glue was and they might eventually peel off in a short matter time.

A small, unpainted Triper-75S included. I sure wish the set had stickers for it though.

Hmm… looks like there’s no tailgate to load the Triper-75S into… uh-oh… lol..


An oversized Thai knock-off of sorts of the vintage Popy DX Tosho Daimos, this version is much bigger than the original and is about on par with DX Popy/ Godaikin Voltes V in terms of height.

Unfortunately, unlike the original, this figure DOES NOT have any diecast parts. Also, unlike the original, this toy DOES NOT transform into its Tranzer mode.

Lol… they even recreated the red panels for the wings.

Because the shoulders do not collapse into the torso, this is about as far as the wings can go.

Likewise, the face panels are non-movable so they can’t close to cover Daimos’ face for Tranzer mode.

Ah well, at least the wheels on this thing still roll.

The fists can be fired thanks to a spring-loaded mechanism.

My unit has a REALLY loose left elbow. It’s a loose thread screw so there’s no way to tighten it. Sigh… I might open it up and try a drop of nail polish on the joint though and see how that goes.

Be mindful NOT to push the shin plates all the way in, removing them will be ridiculously difficult.

While the KO does not have any diecast, it’s still relatively heavy, weighing in at 864 Grams.

The figure also spans 17 x 10 inches in dimension.

Just like in the original vintage toy, the chest piece can come off and you can attach blades to it.

The “Sou-Ryuu-Ken” is quite tall so the clearance required is now 22.5 inches in height.

You can also opt to plug the blades directly into Daimos’ fists as well.

Lastly, you can still recreate Daimos’ “Double Blizzard” final attack by removing his chest panel, just like in the original.

Overall, not quite what I was expecting, but still marginally satisfying, all things considered. The lack of the transformation is a bit disappointing, since all the elements to transform it are generally there, but it makes up for it in size and price (depending how much you got for it, I paid a little over $140US for it). Thanks to the upsized scale, the figure looks better next to the vintage DX Combattler V and Voltes V than the runty DX Daimos ever did.


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