Power Rangers Lightning Collection Pink Ranger

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Power Rangers Lightning Collection Pink Ranger

Pink Ranger comes with her bow and arrow.

The bow has notches on its underside, I guess this is to allow the Ranger’s weapons to combine into their superweapon, just like on the show. The downside is, this leaves the bow with just one decent looking side.

It’s really hard to pose the figure right thanks to the slightly warped knees.

The figure kept falling over if I tried to pose it like above, the only real way is to get her to stand is to pose her like a dude I guess? Short of using any support stands anyway.

The set comes with an “energized” arrow for added visual effect.

Her blaster can be holstered.

Kimberly Ann Hart head included.

The likeness for actress Amy Jo Johnson is pretty good.

Overall, not bad. I just wish the knees were better so she could pose holding the bow and arrow more ladylike and not “legs apart” like a guy, but that aside the Lightning series is pretty decent. These figures are a cheaper alternative to the S.H. Figuarts versions which command an insane price right now on the secondary markets. These are also a step up from the Bandai Legacy figures in terms of show accuracy, which used bodies that seemed way to muscular for teenagers. Likewise, this Hasbro series comes with alternate actor-accurate “unmasked” heads for the Rangers, something that hasn’t really been done before.


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