Power Rangers Lightning Collection Red Ranger

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Power Rangers Lightning Collection Red Ranger

The Team leader of the Might Morphin’ Power Rangers, the Red Ranger’s real identity is Jason Lee Scott (played by actor Austin St. John). A natural-born leader, he bravely leads his team into battle time and again.

In the Japanese Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger series, the Red Ranger is known as the TyrannoRanger, whose name is real Geki (played by actor Yuuta Mochizuki).

Holster for his Blade Blaster (Ranger Gun in the Zyuranger series).

Power Sword (“Ryugeki Sword”)

The Ryugeki Sword (“Dragon Fierce Sword”) is a legendary weapon wielded by the Red Ranger (and at least on one occasion, by the Green Ranger).

Effects parts are included for this weapon.

Alternate “unmasked” head included.

A very good likeness of actor Austin St. John here IMHO.


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