Power Rangers Lightning Collection Yellow Ranger

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Power Rangers Lightning Collection Yellow Ranger

Kind hearted and calm, Trini Kwan (played by late actress Thuy Trang) is the Yellow Ranger.

In the Japanese Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger series, the Yellow Ranger is known as the TigerRanger, whose real name is Boi (played by actor Takumi Hashimoto). The TigerRanger was actually a male character in the original show.

This set does not come with “solid fist” hands for some reason.

Blade Blaster/ Ranger Gun

Power Daggers/ Saber Daggers

Effects parts for the daggers are included.

Alternate “unmasked” head.

Hmm.. the likeness seems very off. The face seems too wide for a teen (more like a 50-year old woman). Not your best work, what happened here, Hasbro?


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