Return of Marvel Legends Wave 1 -Terrax Series

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Return of Marvel Legends Wave 1 -Terrax Series
-Steve Rogers
-Extremis Ironman
-Ghost Rider
-Hope Summers

Return of Marvel Legends Wave 1

Well, here we are, the Return of Marvel Legends. It’s hard to believe the line’s back. After a few years missing in action, most of the collecting community have moved on to Marvel Universe. So far I love the offering of the first wave but I wonder if it will be enough to bring back folks into the fold?

Steve Rogers

Cap’s shield now features a peg and a swivel joint for attaching to Steve’s back. I still prefer the old garter bands used on the Face-Off Cap though.

Steve comes with 2 pistols. Sadly they don’t have anywhere to holster to.

He does seem big compared to the previous six inch Captain America.

The Headsculpt is an improvement over the older “unmasked” Steve Rogerses.

Hope Summers.

Hope is the adopted daughter of Cable, named after her adoptive mother. She seems to have also possess the Phoenix Force and will play a central role in the upcoming Avengers vs. Xmen mini-series. Bishop believes her to be the cause of his future’s destruction.

Impressive tooling here done by Hasbro. Putting the Marvel Legends Emma Frost next to it shows it even more how much Hasbro’s improved over the years.

Unfortunately, Hasbro decided to include the gun they gave Forge from the old 2pack, minus the bullet belt. It’s a bit awkward for her to hold with 2 hands.

But I guess it still works if she’s holding the rifle with only one arm, not 2

Extremis Iron Man

Extremis Iron Man is an upgraded version of the Iron Man suit. Basically, the inner sheathe is inside Tony’s body and the armor can be mentally summoned to his location. The sheathe also increases the interface time and improves Iron Man’s reaction speed greatly. Unfortunately, this is all moot now after the events of Secret Invasion where the Skrulls were able to take out the Extremis with a virus.

Iron Man is small compared to other ML figures, especially considering he’s supposed to be a guy in a suit of armor.

The Stealth variant. I’m not 100% sure but I don’t recall Iron Man ever having this in the comics. Concept design then?

I like the matte finish look of this over the regular version.

Klaw debuted originally as a Fantastic Four villain but later became an Avenger villain as well, I think he uses parts from the FF Silver Surfer figure.

Constrictor – former SHIELD agent.

Ghost Rider – the current form of Danny Ketch. Too bad it doesn’t come with a bike. Sigh

Thor – the only figure in the wave that does not come with a Build-a-figure piece.

With the old ML Thor (I forgot to take a pic with the wave 3 Thor)

With the Marvel Select Thor

I like the tooling on this figure but he just seems too big for the ML line, especially next to Extremis Iron Man.


His axe is supposed to be able to cleave planets in half!

Comparison shots

Against the Fantastic Four

Against Silver Surfer

RML Wave 1 group shot


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