Robot Spirits No. 279 Gundam 0083 Gundam RX-78 GP01-Fb Ver A.N.I.M.E.

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Robot Spirits No. 279 Gundam 0083 Gundam RX-78 GP01-Fb Ver A.N.I.M.E.

Before anything, you need to attach this tiny antenna piece into the head. It is a NIGHTMARE to attach if you have big hands. This was never an issue with the regular GP-01 as the head came with the antenna already attached. I wonder why the change here?

After almost 20 minutes, I finally got it in. I think it would’ve been easier to just swap the heads around from the GP01.

The RX-78GP01-Fb Gundam “Zephyranthes” Full Burnern, the upgraded form of the GP01 from the Gundam OVA series 0083. The new form features new chest thrusters, shoulder vernier pods and twin Universal Boost Pods on its back.

The figure features direction-adjustable verniers. Too bad the Core Fighter isn’t removable though.

The set comes with a whole mess of effects parts for the verniers.

Be VERY careful not to lose these connectors, terrible placement in the accessory tray (in the corner?? Where they can fall out?). I wish Bandai made a separate tray for these.

The overall effect is amazing!!

The set also comes with optional chest pieces to simulate his chest retro thrusters. This requires parts swapping though.

In the Anime, I’m fairly sure the twin Boost Pods push in and pop through the front to execute reverse thrust. But here, the best you can do is just rotate the entire pods around so they face front. Oh well…

Just a quick note, the set does NOT come with a Soul Stage display stand. I had to use one of the cheap third party display stands for the action shots (“tamasii stands”).

The exposed shoulder vernier pods can also be swapped in place of the default collapsed pieces (I did this photo last and was in a hurry, but I couldn’t quite get it all the way in so it looks off, apologies).

The unit comes with the same shield as the GP01( RX·VSh-023F/S-04712 Shield)

The shield still features the hard points for clipping spare e-Pac cartridges for the beam rifle.

Similar to the GP01 release, the shield can also expand upwards when needed.

The shield comes with an optional clip that you can use to peg the shield onto the forearm of the figure, so it can freely use it’s left hand to hold the beam rifle.

A.E.Blash·XBR-L-83d/Du.02 Beam Saber

An alternate “beam slash” effects part is included.

BOWA XBR-M-82-05H Beam Rifle

The beam rifle can be stowed onto the unit’s back using this clip.

The whole assembly then pegs into this hole in the back once you lift the cover out of the way.

The Zephyranthes’ beam rifle also features a unique capability called the jutte, which pops out to block beam saber attacks from an enemy.

Effects parts for the beam rifle are included. Both in “short” and “long” blast.

Long blast effects parts

For those curious, this unit was designed by the amazing Shoji Kawamori of Superdimensional Fortress Macross mechanical design fame.

Comparison with the Robot Spirits GP01Ver. A.N.I.M.E.

With its brother unit, the GP02 Physalis (the mecha names are based on a flower theme).

The same effects parts for dueling Beam Sabers that came with the Robot Spirits GP-01 are included here as well.

GP01 vs GP02 – the rematch!!

Overall, I love it!! I may be biased though, since this is my favorite Gundam series of all time. But the figure perfectly captures the look of the GP01FB and comes with an insane amount of detail, not to mention a ton of effects parts! It’s crazy! The only downsides here are the tiny antenna not being plugged in by default and maybe the lack of a removable core fighter unit, but aside from that, this is an excellent release!

For more technical data on this machine, go here:


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