S.H. Figuarts Android No. 21

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S.H. Figuarts Android No. 21

Hailing from the Dragon Ball FighterZ fighting game, Android 21 is designed by Akira Toriyama and the main antagonist of the game. She actually has two sides to her personality. Her “evil” side born from her fractured psyche caused by her insatiable desire to feed, most likely caused by the addition of Majin Buu’s cells.

While she is incredibly powerful, she is actually only ten years old. Although this is not confirmed since her memories are hazy, it is not sure if she was once human and converted into an Android by Doctor Gero, or if she is a synthetic human created from scratch.

As she has Majin Buu’s cells in her (along with all strong fighters in the Dragon Ball saga up to that point, such as Cell and Freeza), she has the attack that Majin Buu had which can change people into food (particularly confectionaries), the attack is called the “Hungry Beam”, and unlike Majin Buu who launches the attack from his antennae, Android 21 fires it from her finger.

After turning her opponents into food, she then proceeds to devour them and absorb their power. In the game, this results in massive damage on the player’s HP while she regains some health.

In the game’s story mode, you can chose to either play as the good side or the bad side of Android 21. Sadly, both sides end with her passing away at the end of the game.

“Good” Android 21.

While Android 21 is predominantly good, she slowly begins becoming insane and evil throughout the course of the game as a result of overwhelming hunger.

Total Detonation Ball

Comparison with other figures.

She’s actually just average in height and is quite short compared to Majin Buu.

Man, I can’t believe Bandai hasn’t given us Kid Buu yet. C’mon…

She has a hidden shoulder joint that can be pulled out for wider range of shoulder articulation, just remember to push it back in, as it looks a bit off when exposed.

Overall, a decent figure, but not really a must have, especially if one doesn’t consider the FighterZ game as part of Dragon Ball cannon. Plus the slightly higher SRP due to the figure being a website exclusive can be a turn off for some folks.


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