S.H. Figuarts Anya -Uniform Ver.

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S.H. Figuarts Anya -Uniform Ver.

Based on Anya’s uniformed appearance when she’s at her school, Eden Academy. I really prefer this outfit for her, since her parents are represented in the S.H. Figuarts line in their “work” outfits, it seems she should be wearing her own “work” clothes as well when she’s with them in a set display.

Anya comes with a lot more facial expressions this time around compared to her first release, too! Which makes sense, since she spends most of her time on the show at school, so a lot of her expressions would happen when she’s there.

Happy Anya

Amazed Anya

Determined Anya

Shocked Anya

Sad Anya

“No comment” Anya

Comparison with the previous release.

I find the paint on her hair much better and brighter compared to the previous release. It’s subtle, you won’t notice it unless you put them side-by-side together.

I was half expecting reused legs and feet. Bandai actually did new legs for Anya here. Nice.

Thankfully, you can mix and match her facial expressions across both sets (they come with different expressions for her but can be swapped around).

Smug Anya

… aaaaand of course, “Fake smile” Anya.

Personally, this is probably my favorite expression for Anya Forger. I think all kids deserve to have happiness in their lives. A child’s smile is priceless.

Overall, a no-brainer to get if you’re a fan of Spy X Family and already have the other figures. If you don’t have them, then at least get this one. As she is the main focus of the story and most of her screentime is when she’s in her “work” clothes.


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