S.H. Figuarts Cooler Final Form

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S.H. Figuarts Cooler Final Form

Frieza’s older brother’s final form, as seen in the Dragon Ball Z movie, “Cooler’s Revenge”. After learning of his brother’s defeat, Cooler heads to Earth to challenge Goku. He transforms into his final form straight away to fight the powerful Legendary Super Saiyan.

The set comes with a “mask open” face for Cooler. We see this only briefly before he completes his transformation.

Cooler is quite big, standing roughly 7.75 inches tall.

Death Beam. A special attack used by members of Frieza’s family.

Supernova. Cooler’s most powerful, “planet busting” attack. It’s much larger than Frieza’s was in his battle with Goku on Planet Namek. Too bad the set doesn’t come with effects parts for this…

The set comes with alternate feet for Cooler, so he can step on his adversary or you recreate the scene where he does a combo on Goku and finishes it by kicking the latter straight in the center of his body (into the side of a mountain).

Overall, it’s very impressive. The figure captures the look of the character almost perfectly. It’s big and towers over Goku, just like in the movie. It’s too bad that he doesn’t come with effects parts, considering folks already did have to pay a high premium for this set (it’s a Tamashii Website Exclusive), sigh…


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