S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Super Goku Black

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S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Super Goku Black

Hmmm, a Tamashii Website exclusive but it has a Bandai Philippines holo sticker. I truly wish we have the opportunity to order TWE’s directly.

Goku Black is actually Zamasu, a Northern Kai and Supreme Kai apprentice serving under the Supreme Kai of Universe 10. He uses the Super Dragon balls to swap bodies with Goku, which was shown to have the potential to surpass the power of the gods.

As Goku Black, Zamasu has all of Goku’s powers and abilities.

His version of the Kamehameha is called the Black Kamehameha.

In the games, it is shown he can also use the Spirit Bomb technique on his opponents.

Goku Black can also use Instant Transmission.

Finally Goku Black can transform into a powerful new form called Super Saiyan Rose (pronounced Ro-ze) a form more powerful than Super Saiyan Blue.

Black’s favorite attack in this form is the God Slicer.

The God Slicer plugs into the palm hand. Sadly, this set only has a right palm, no left.

I really enjoyed the Future Trunks saga story in the Dragon Ball Super series. It wasn’t too dragging and best some of the best battles in the Dragon Ball saga to date.


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