S.H. Figuarts Dragonball Z Shenron

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S.H. Figuarts Dragonball Z Shenron

The box is somewhat long, 16.5 inches in width.

Without the display stand Shenron really looks all sorts of unimposing.

Display stand

Use the Dragon Balls!!!

Ahh… much better.

Shenron looks really good. The sculpting and details are amazing. I was expecting Bandai to make this figure a S.H. Figuarts Zero but I’m kind of glad they didn’t.

When on the display base, Shenron measures about 11 x7.5 x 9 inches in dimension.

With the Z Fighters

I think I’ll eventually add a riser for Shenron to increase his height a bit more so he looks even more imposing next to our heroes (similar to how he’s usually displayed at toy events).

Supposedly a dragon’s appearance is based as amalgamation of various animals.

His antlers resemble those of a stag
His head that of a camel
His eyes those of a demon
His neck that of a snake
His belly that of a clam
His scales those of a carp
His claws those of an eagle
His soles those of a tiger
His ears are those of a cow.
Upon his head he has a thing like a broad eminence (a big lump), called chimu. If a dragon has no chimu, he cannot ascend to the sky.


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