S.H. Figuarts Dragonball Z Yamcha

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S.H. Figuarts Dragonball Z Yamcha

Once upon a time, Yamcha was a badlands bandit when he first met Goku waaaaay back in the original Dragon Ball saga. Since then, he’s reformed and went on to become on eof Goku’s earliest friends and even became quite the womanizer (he was deathly afraid of women at the beginning, something Bulma always exploited).

Yamcha is an expert martial artist (back when martial arts actually meant something in the Dragon Ball universe .. lol…), he is a master of the dreaded Wolf Fang Fist style.

Wolf Fang Fist!

In the Japanese version, he is voiced by Toru Furuya, often known for his voice work as Amuro Ray in the Gundam series.

Much later in the original Dragon Ball series, he eventually learns the use of Kamehameha.


Grown almost instantly from seeds planted in the ground, these little henchmen serve the invading Saiyans without question, even going as far as self-destructing to defeat a foe.

“Self-destructing” Saibaiman

The end for poor Yamcha.

Using the “Impact effect” parts (sold separately) you can make this pose even more dramatic.

In some unveiled prototypes shown at toy events, S.H. Figuarts Yamcha was originally shown as how he looked in the Androids saga (short hair). I also find it curious that this version does not sport hand parts for his latest skill, the Spirit Ball attack. Maybe Bandai plans to release a second, mass retail version down the road? Time will tell….


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