S.H. Figuarts Frieza First Form and Frieza Pod

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S.H. Figuarts Frieza First Form and Frieza Pod

A feared presence across the universe, Frieza is a fierce galactic warlord in the Dragon Ball Z universe. He wields tremendous power capable of destroying entire worlds with but a simple, effortless gesture. He also commands a vast army of soldiers conscripted from all the worlds he has conquered.

He comes with a Scouter attachment (requires removing his left ear before attaching).

As part of the “collect all the Namekian Dragon Balls” gimmick Bandai came up with for the Frieza Saga S.H. Figuarts figures, Frieza comes with the 5-Star Namekian Dragon Ball.

As cool as the figure is, it annoys me to no end that his toes aren’t landing flush.

Because of the awkward toes, you will have to rely on his tail to balance him out otherwise, he will tend to tip over.

1st Form Frieza stands roughly 4.5 inches tall, just a bit shorter than his Final Form

Alternate “angry” face

For his other expressions which shows him having wider eyes (like when he’s yelling or laughing), you will have to swap his head out to match his brow. Interesting design choice, I like it.

Unfortunately, this usually results in the wrong end of the peg coming off when you swap the heads around, this is very annoying and you might need to work with tools (tweezers or needle nose pliers) to pluck the peg out if you’re having trouble.

Planet Buster attack

Frieza Pod

I can’t say I like the execution of the floating gimmick here, it sticks out too much. I wish they made the support base less obvious.

Nice sculpt and tooling on the control panel.

Not a fan of this execution either. It would’ve been better if this was on a whole removable panel that could be plucked out so the pod won’t look too terrible with these “half parts” sticking around all the time.

For screen accuracy, you will need to plug in Frieza’s tail too, like so.

Of course, you can recreate “Planet Vegeta’s destruction from Frieza’s Planet Buster attack” scene here as well.

Overall, not bad. Some of the design choices are a awkward (the half parts in the pod, the support parts for the pod), but overall, it’s a pretty decent set, all things considered.

I was going to give this one a pass since I already have the Final Form, but considering Bandai was going to release Zarbon and Dodoria, plus they already completed Ginyu Force, it seemed more fitting to have 1st Form Frieza hang out with them rather than his Final Form.


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