S.H. Figuarts Frieza (Fourth Form)

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S.H. Figuarts Frieza (Fourth Form)

One of the most feared names in the universe, Frieza has conquered hundreds of planets and added their forces to his ever-growing empire. Cunning, cruel and incredibly powerful, Frieza’s might is legendary throughout the cosmos. Fearing the potential of the Saiyan race to overthrow his rule, he single-handed destroyed their home planet (along with practically their entire population) with but a simple gesture of his hand.

The figure is a 2022 re-release of the 2018 “Resurrection” Movie Frieza, with a bluish tinge added to its plastic, instead of the original plain white-colored plastic.

Same as the previous releases, Frieza comes with an optional “arms folded” set of arms.

Likewise, Frieza also still comes with alternate “gripping” feet.

Instead of his usual effects parts, Frieza comes with a “luminous” (activated) 5-Star Namekian Dragon Ball this time around.

Another carry-over from the 2018 release is his “halo” accessory, which plugs into this head.

It’s a huge bummer that Bandai didn’t include any of the earlier effects parts for this figure in order to keep the cost and pricing down. I guess we’ll have to rely on our imagination to make things work…

Comparison with his “first form” body.

Overall, still a fairly decent figure (still not a fan of the huge gap in the waist area, I can’t believe Bandai never fixed that). I guess Bandai is taking a page from Hasbro’s playbook and now constantly reissuing popular figures with reduced accessories? While I really like the new slightly bluish tinge to this version, plus the slightly improved face detail over the 2013 version, the number of accessories of the original 2013 release still got this set beat by a mile. I guess to get the “best/ complete” version of S.H. Figuarts Frieza, you’ll have to keep both 2013 and 2022 sets? Diabolical!


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