S.H. Figuarts Future Trunks

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S.H. Figuarts Future Trunks

In the Dragon Ball Super series, we revisit Future Trunks. Whose alternate timeline world has been devastated again by a new menace. Trunks again fires up his time machine to go back to the main timeline to ask for help from Goku and Vegeta.

In the DB Super anime, Trunks’ hair has changed to blue from purple. The change is never explained but it matches his mother, Bulma’s, hair color, so it fits better.

Trunks’ pants has a tear. Heh, for a second I thought there was a problem with the paint application.

As always, Trunks carries his iconic sword with him. It is never really explained where his sword comes from in the TV Anime (it was shown in the movies but that follows a different, alternate timeline). Also there are subtle changes to the design of Trunks’ sword handle over the years. So it’s presumed he replaces his sword whenever it gets broken in battle.

Super Saiyan Trunks

Trunks comes with an alternate Super Saiyan face, but its gaze is fixed looking right.

He also comes with an energy effect part for him to do his dad’s iconic “Gallick Gun” attack.

Gallick Gun!!

In the DB Super series, Trunks’ sword gets broken (again) during his fight with the main antagonist of the story.

Trunks then channels his own ki to form an energy blade from the broken sword, later combining the energy of all the surviving humans into the blade as well.

Combining the energy of all the survivors into a giant greatsword called the “Sword of Hope”, Trunks finally defeats Zamasu by slicing the mad god with his new energy sword.

Since the sword is huge, the set comes with a prop stand to support it. Trunks can hold it fine even without the stand but for long term display, it’s safer to use the prop stand.

Sadly, Future Trunks’ timeline is ultimately destroyed despite his efforts and all life on Earth is lost. He decides to return to a different alternate future timeline where everyone is alive and lives his days in peace.


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