S.H. Figuarts Ginyu Force Group Shots

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S.H. Figuarts Ginyu Force Group Shots

Frieza’s “Elite” fighting squad, the Ginyu Force. Aside from never failing their lord Frieza on missions and possessing incredible fighting power, the team also prides itself on being able to do unique team poses to impress their master. The poses actually look stupid, goofy and embarrassing to anyone else, but somehow, Frieza really enjoys watching them perform and that’s all that matters to the team.

Ginyu Force Go!

Sigh… I really wish we get a better Guldo figure… His poses are so … limited.

Another set! Ginyu Force Go!!!

Funfact:In the Dragon Ball FighterZ game’s story mode, Krililyn theorizes that Gohan probably based his Great Saiyaman poses after watching these guys do their thing when he was a child and that it was probably mentally scarring for a youngster to be exposed to something so silly.


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