S.H. Figuarts Gohan -Battle Clothes-

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S.H. Figuarts Gohan -Battle Clothes-

Following the Z Warrior’s battles with the Ginyu Force on Planet Namek, Vegeta decides to give Gohan and Krillin armor taken from Frieza’s armory to give them a better fighting chance against the battles to come.

The set features various different facial expressions for Gohan.

Bandai even included optional “wavy hair” parts for Gohan to use when he’s in an action pose.

Gohan’s shoulders can actually hyper extend out, so you can do more dynamic poses with the figure.

Remember to change out the chest plate to the smaller one when doing some poses.

Lastly, Gohan comes with the Three-Star Namekian Dragon Ball (luminous version).

With “Battle Clothes” Krillin.

Overall, a pretty decent set. I actually got these so he can pair up with Krillin and maybe Planet Namek Bulma, but in retrospect, I think I could’ve actually passed up on this since I eventually decided to skip the Second Form Frieza figure.


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