S.H. Figuarts Hit

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S.H. Figuarts Hit

An intergalactic (and interdimensional?) assassin for hire from Universe 6, Hit never misses his mark! Calm, cool and collected, Hit is capable of analyzing an opponents’ weaknesses and strike with incredible precision, earning his nickname of “legendary hitman”. Despite his trade, Hit is actually a warrior with a code of honor, revealing himself to his targets and giving them a fighting chance, before eliminating them, as opposed to striking them blindly from behind. He also shows mercy to those that are not his intended target.

He comes with optional parts to recreate his “hands-in-his-pocket” look from the Dragon Ball Super Anime. You will have to remove his default lower coat and hands first, and then swap in the alternate set by plugging the faux hands into the wrist pegs. Pretty clever really.

It’s noted that Hit is actually over 1000 years old in the series.

Hit comes with an optional, slightly narrower chest piece to allow for wider range of articulation for the chest butterfly joint.

Hit’s signature skill is that he can do a “Time Skip”, which allows him to skip a tenth of a second forward in time, allowing him to dodge his opponent’s incoming blows. He can also do an area “Time Freeze” attack, which temporarily freezes time in his proximity for a short period.

Hit comes with effects parts so you can recreate his ultimate “Time Prison Attack”. After striking an opponent with his “Time Skip” attack, he can tag them with a “time cage” which specifically suspends his opponent in time.

Overall, a great new figure added to the roster. I liked Hit a lot in the Dragon Ball Super Saga (more than most of the newly introduced cast), so this figure was a must have for me. Bandai did this figure right.


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