S.H. Figuarts Jiren (Final Battle)

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S.H. Figuarts Jiren (Final Battle)

Jiren as he appears in the final battle scene of Dragon Ball Super’s “Universe Survival” saga. Uhh… that’s about it.

This guy is almost a whole new body sculpt, except for some minor reused parts from the previous Jiren release, such as the hands, and lower legs.

In the climax of the Dragon Ball Super “Universe Survival” story saga, Jiren increases his power levels to max after a long protracted battle against Goku, resulting in a bulkier body and more powerful physical attacks.

You know things get more serious the more naked these two get.

OK, it wasn’t until I was looking at this figure in person that I realized, Freiza and Cell never reveal any “battle damaged” clothing or armor after their huge fights with Goku. So that means they were fighting totally buck naked?? lol… cringeworthy thought right there… yikes!

This version of Jiren doesn’t come with much in terms of accessories. Just some new heads and very minor effects parts.

He comes with a “wincing in pain” alternate head. Which is something, since for the majority of the “Universe Survival” story arc, we hardly ever see Jiren show pain or emotion during his fights.

He also comes with a “gritting teeth” alternate head.

Lastly, Jiren comes with this little effects part, along with a “yelling” head.

Jiren doesn’t really use large Ki blasts, like Goku’s Kamehameha, much in the Anime, instead he fights using raw physical strength and high levels of endurance. Hence this little doodad does kind of fit in with his style.

Overall, not bad, but not really something that impresses? It’s nice, but honestly, Jiren wasn’t that much of an interesting character in the series. I guess I never saw him as an evil threat for the heroes to face, even with the high stakes involved (universal erasure for the losing team), Jiren was fighting to save his universe just like the others. I was originally going to actually skip this guy, but decided to get him anyway since my S.H. Figuarts “Ultra Instinct” Goku needs someone to fight and base form Jiren wasn’t going to cut it.


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