S.H. Figuarts Kame-Sennin (Master Roshi)

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S.H. Figuarts Kame-Sennin (Master Roshi)

Kame-Sennin (aka Master Roshi in the US version) is Goku’s master and the one who taught him the Kamehameha. He is actually 300 years old and is known in the martial arts world as the God of Martial Arts. His name literally translates into “Turtle Hermit” in Japanese.

He comes with a removable shell and his walking cane.

The figure comes with One-Star Dragonball.

The shades are well-sculpted, they are removable and fit onto the figure’s face almost perfectly.

The beard and upper halves of the faces can be interchanged.

Yeah… you can recreate his “dirty old man” look too! lol.

You can also recreate his more serious martial arts poses too.

More recently, he’s usually seen without his turtle shell (though he occasionally removed his shell too back in the Dragon Ball days). Guess he’s starting to show his age.

This is probably the only “classic” Dragon Ball figure I will get, since his appearance from the original Dragon Ball manga and in the Dragon Ball Z sagas remained largely unchanged. I found the Kid Goku and kid Klilyn to be too big to the DBZ S.H. figuarts figures, while Bulma from the Dragon Ball series seems too young to be placed next to Vegeta.


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