S.H. Figuarts Son Gohan – Kid Era

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S.H. Figuarts Son Gohan – Kid Era

Son Goku’s little boy. When we meet him for the first time, Gohan is very young and still has a child’s innocence and sense of wonder. Things go awry when Goku gets killed by his brother Raditz and Piccolo begins harsh training for Gohan in order to help fight against the arriving Saiyans in one year.

By default, Gohan comes with his Planet Namek pixie cut hairstyle equipped on the figure.

Thankfully, Bandai included his classic “long hair” look for this release.

I really love his angry face! Perfectly captures the look of the character from the Anime when he’s super ticked off!

There are times I wonder what Gohan would be like if he was written to be less innocent and more like a bratty Bart Simpson…. hmmmm…

Gohan’s “long hair” piece actually sports some articulation so that the hair doesn’t get in the way of poses for the head.

Since he is supposed to be just a kid, he stands only roughly 4 inches tall. Thankfully, Bandai actually did this guy right in terms of proportions and didn’t give him an oversized head. That was the whole reason why I never got kid Son Goku. The head proportions there were terrible, especially when next to other S.H. Figuarts DBZ figures.

Kid-era Gohan comes with a one-star Planet Namek Dragon Ball.

To “complete the look”, Gohan comes with a Dragon Radar to help search for the Namekian Dragon Balls.

Gohan also comes with an alternate “yelling” face sculpt.

Gohan’s signature attack is the one Piccolo taught him, the “Masenko” Ki blast attack.

Lastly, Gohan comes with his “I’m gonna die” scared face.

Overall, I love it! While I’m happy Bandai finally gave us a kid Gohan, I do wish they included a happy or a smiling face with this set, since Gohan seemed like a warm, young child at heart. Seeing him angry all the time as an action figure does seem kinda wrong.


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