S.H. Figuarts Spy X Family Yor Forger

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S.H. Figuarts Spy X Family Yor Forger

A highly skilled assassin belonging to a secret organization codenamed “Garden”, Yor Brair (later Yor Forger) agrees to pretend to be the Loid Forger’s “wife” in order to keep up appearances for all parties, so she can continue her work as a hired killer. Loid has no clue as to Yor’s real occupation.

Despite being a cold and merciless assassin, Yor cares a lot for her fake family, particularly when it comes to Anya’s well being, as well as for her younger brother, Yuri Briar.

Her skirt has some decent tooling on the inside.

Yor stands roughly 6.25 inches tall.

She comes with a pair of daggers for her “work”.

As the “Thorn Princess”, Yor has impressive strength and agility.

The set does not come with a display base, you’ll have to provide your own to get Yor into some action poses.

Yor comes with optional facial expressions.

Of course, she, like the rest of the figures in this series, comes with a “shocked” expression.

Overall, I think this set is probably the weakest of the three for me. Maybe it’s because I don’t find Yor’s particularly character and design particularly interesting? Something feels lacking when it comes to Yor for me. Maybe as the series progresses, I’ll find something to like about her.


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