S.H. Figuarts Street Fighter V Ryu

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S.H. Figuarts Street Fighter V Ryu

SH Figuarts Ryu here is based on the SF 5 look of this character. I can’t say I like this rendition of my favorite Street Fighter. I’m still hoping someone would make a Ryu figure based from the opening intro of the SF2 The New Challengers.

Love the detailing here, the Chinese characters on the belt (which make up “Furinkazan”, which mean “be as fast as the wind, quiet as the forest, daring as fire and immovable as the mountain) and the “texture” of the “fabric” of Ryu’s gi is very lifelike.

Ryu comes with spare faces, but I find it super weird that we have to take out Ryu’s hair for the swaps… Why not just give us whole heads??


Finding where the base for the fireball plugs into can be a bit of a challenge. It took a few minutes for me to find the hole. Lol…

Tatsumaki Senpukyaku


It’s possible to do the Shoryuken pose with the stand meant for the Hadoken, while the stand doesn’t plug into anything on Ryu, you can sort of plug it into the groin joint to help him hold the pose. I do wish they included a Soul Stage base with the figure, like the Ranma 1/2 figs.

Bandai included a backdrop for the figure. I do wish it was a bit bigger though.

Comparison with SH Figuarts Terry Bogard.

Yeah, sadly, the scale is really off. Considering Terry is American and Ryu is Japanese, I think Ryu should be smaller in size. This is another reason why I won’t be completing the SHF SF line.

Fortunately, the size difference isn’t that obvious when they’re in fighting pose.

Overall, it’s not bad, the figure can do a pretty good Hadoken pose, but it’s far from my ideal vision of a Ryu figure, I never really liked the SF4 and SF5 designs for Ryu (“SF2 The New Challengers” is still my favorite look for him). I also wish he was a bit smaller so he goes better with Terry Bogard. I probably won’t be collecting all the SHF Street Fighters (don’t like the face sculpt on Chun-li), I might get Ken if they release him and Akuma, but that’s about it.


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