S.H. Figuarts Ultra Instinct Son Goku

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S.H. Figuarts Ultra Instinct Son Goku

Revealed in the final battle of Dragon Ball Super’s Universe Survival saga, Goku masters a new form called “Ultra Instinct”. This form is said to be far more powerful than the Universes’ Gods of Destruction. However, due to the immense power and the toll it takes on his body, Goku can only maintain it for a few minutes before his body gives out.

The figure sports some heavy battle damage. It’s cool to see that Bandai didn’t cheap out and just paint weathering on the figure but went with actual visible cuts on the figure’s body to show how bad Goku’s beatings were at the hands of Jiren.

Heh, seeing this mismatched color on the back side of the knees really surprised me.

This latest form for Goku is said to be a perfect balance of all his offensive and defensive abilities. Mostly relying on his perfect-honed combat instincts from decades of fierce battles and that he’s actually fighting based solely on his reflexes, his body reacting faster than his mind can process what just happened.

Thankfully, this time around, Bandai included effects parts for Goku. It’s a reuse of his Kamehameha attack part from previously released Base Goku and Goku Black.

I love this figure! It looks amazingly great from every angle and it’s Goku’s strongest form yet (for now). I’m also really glad Bandai didn’t make this an exclusive or anything (SDCC 2017 Kaioken Goku!) and released this guy straight up as a mass retail figure (as it should be). If you’re a fan of Dragon Ball Super, this one’s a must have!

Hmm… now would they introduce an Ultra Instinct Vegeta down the road too I wonder… ?


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