S.H. Figuarts Yor Forger – Mother of the Forger Family-

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S.H. Figuarts Yor Forger – Mother of the Forger Family-

Hmm.. are they planning to release a sofa set for the Forger family?

Yor Forger (real name, Yor Briar) is the maternal figure of the Forger family. She initially agreed to be married to Lloyd Forger in order to avoid suspicion from the Westalis Secret Police so she can to continue her occupation as a highly-trained assassin, she eventually comes to actually care for the members of her “family” and dotes on little Anya Forger as her own daughter.

I love that the figure’s feet are really well done, thankfully, you won’t have much trouble standing her up with two feet with any pose.

Yor comes with an optional mid-section for sitting down for some reason. What’s Bandai up to?

The set comes with a lot of expressions for Yor.

As part of a running gag on the show, Yor can’t hold her liquor, it takes just one glass to get her completely drunk, usually resulting in unfortunate situations for poor Lloyd.

The set comes with a wine bottle, a wine glass and two effects pieces for the wine. With the other being oblong in order to simulate the glass being tilted as the wine is being imbued. Pretty clever.

Yor comes with optional hair piece with her let down. I think I like this look for her the best.

Of course, since she’s always ready to protect her family when they’re in danger (particularly when it comes to Anya), she comes with a serious face, too.

Personally, I find her “serious face” lacking that “killer determination” look. The face sculpt doesn’t quite capture it.

Lastly, the set comes with optional hands for Yor and Anya to hold hands when walking together. Aww….

Overall, I’m happy with this figure. It’s not quite perfect (the “combat face” could’ve been done a bit better), but as far the overall figure goes, it’s very good (especially how they implemented the glass of wine effect).

I personally prefer this look for Yor as opposed to her “Thorn Princess” outfit, as I can’t really put that next to Lloyd and Anya as they’ve never really seen her wearing her assassin “work clothes”.

Now to hope they make Lloyd in his casual green sweater home outfit to complete the “Forger family at home” motif (I’m not a fan of the Lloyd figure in the gray shirt, it didn’t seem like a good fit) .


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