S.H. Figuarts Zamasu

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S.H. Figuarts Zamasu

Hmm.. this is actually my first time getting a Funimation logo on my S.H. Figuarts

The main antagonist from the Dragon Ball Super “Goku Black” Saga. Zamasu is a young apprentice god serving under the Supreme Kai Gowasu of Universe 10 (the main DB Universe is Universe 7). Once a humble and just being, he begins to question the worth of mortals after seeing how wars and conflict would often arise from them. He then becomes obsessed with removing all mortals from existence after meeting Goku, who easily defeated him without effort in a friendly match, shocking Zamasu into the realization that mortals can become a threat to even the gods themselves.

While Zamasu is strong, he possesses nowhere near the power levels of Goku, or even the fighting instincts. He later gathers the Dragon Balls and wishes to trade bodies with the Saiyan. Using his newfound body to destroy all humans.

For some reason, I’m not really liking the head sculpt here. Seems kinda puffy? Zamasu seemed more like a tall, lanky person. I’m can’t say I care for the sculpt work here.

He does come with an alternate “smirking face” head. This face doesn’t seem so chubby, so I will probably use this as my default Zamasu head.

The set doesn’t come with much else. Not even effects parts. The best you can do is pose him in generic action poses.

Overall, kind of a weak release. This is probably my least favorite S.H. Figuarts pickup next to SSGSS V1 Goku. The set doesn’t really offer much, and the whole thing feels more like an add-on to S.H. Figuarts Goku Black Zamasu, so you can recreate the scene where the Future and the present versions of Zamasu team up to take on SSGSS Goku and Vegeta. I’ll probably revisit this figure when I get the V2 Goku Black (Goku Rose?) SHF figure down the road.


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