S.H. Figuarts Zarbon

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S.H. Figuarts Zarbon

One of Frieza’s trusted advisers, Zarbon is usually calm and reserved even in combat, a stark contrast to the brutally savage and violent Dodoria. Highly vain and disgusted by anything that is ugly, he is hesitant to use his more powerful monster transformation in battle unless absolutely necessary.

To attach Zarbon’s scouter, you’ll have to remove his bangs, then his face to remove his left ear and swap in the scouter.

Similar to Dodoria, Zarbon’s scouter can be “transplanted” onto any of the alternate faces. Just simply remove the left ear and plug in the scouter.

A part of me wishes they used a darker shade of blue for the scouter viewer.

Zarbon stands roughly 6.75 inches tall.

He does come with an alternate ponytail for his braided “hair”, so you can drape it over his left shoulder.

Zarbon’s cape is simply plugged into his back by a very thin peg. Be mindful of this.

The vain, “handsome” warrior comes with a “luminous” (activated) 2-star Namekian Dragon Ball.

Sigh… like his pal Dodoria, Zarbon doesn’t come with any effects parts.

Lastly, Zarbon comes with 3 more alternative faces. His “smirking” face is his default piece.

Serious face.

Angry face.

Shocked face.

With his fellow Frieza Army general, Dodoria and his boss, (First Form) Frieza (with pod).

Overall, another pretty decent figure added to the S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball lineup. While the figure doesn’t really boast much by itself, when added to Dodoria, together with First Form Frieza, the trio look really good together. I do wish it came with some effects parts or something, given the higher-than-general-release price tag, but I guess it is what it is.


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