S.H. Figurarts Dragon Ball Z Son Gohan -SDCC 2012 version

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S.H. Figurarts Dragon Ball Z Son Gohan -SDCC 2012 version

Like I said, SHF Son Gohan was what really turned me off in collecting the line in the first place. The Japanese version has painted lines on his face. Which really weirded me out. It just took the edge of how angry he’s supposed to look in the final battle with Perfect Cell.

Fortunately, the SDCC 2012 addressed this issue and completely dropped the face lines on the figure. Also, Gohan’s belt has been painted Anime accurate colors. The original Japanese version was red, which was wrong for adolescent Gohan, red was the color of Gohan’s belt when he was like, six? During the Saiyans saga.

Gohan comes packaged in his Super Saiyan 2 form.

Bandai went the extra mile and included an extra head with the Super Saiyan 1 form.

This head is necessary to complete the Piccolo uniform look.

Gohan with his Mentor

The many optional faces.

Cell eventually succeeds in making Gohan so angry it brings out his potential as Super Saiyan 2 so Cell has an adversary worth of his might.



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