SDCC 2008 Transformers Universe Nemesis Prime

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SDCC 2008 Transformers Universe Nemesis Prime


A backtrack of sorts. This figure was first released as an SDCC exclusive for 2008, then later on came out on Hasbro’s website, then later still, came out in Asia (China Backdoors? I can’t say for sure).

According to his Bio, Nemesis Prime is a Decepticon warrior, remade into a twisted copy of Optimus Prime, due to his mental instablity he is now a warrior who attacks both Autobot and Decepticon alike.

Stellar Converter Cannon.

Disruptor Cannon.

Nemesis Prime is a straight up repaint of TF Classics Optimus Prime. With purple eyes instead of blue.

With Henkei Megatron.

Funfact: Beast Wars II was the first show to have an appearance from a Nemesis Prime Character.

For more on the various Nemesis Primes go here:


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