SDCC 2011 Mattel Ghostbusters Staypuft Marshmallow man

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SDCC 2011 Mattel Ghostbusters Staypuft Marshmallow man

Box is ridiculously huge! Measures 22.5 x 10 x 18 Inches. Almost like a real suitcase.

The Matty SDCC Staypuft is way taller than the Neca version (20 versus 15 Inches), he’s also heavier than the Neca version too (1.3 KG versus 1.2 KG).

With the Ghostbusters

The inner packaging also is very impressive, it folds out into roughly a 5 foot diorama playset piece.

Now, removing Puft is a little tricky, I recommend using cutting pliers to make life easier. But cut only the leg ties. The right arm knot can be easily removed and I suggest leaving the left arm knot alone (you can slide the hand free from the knot now at this point) so you can return him to the packaging without worry.

Here’s how I returned Staypuft.

Re-tie the right hand knot.

Re-insert left hand into the left knot (which was not removed at all)

Since the string for the legs are now cut, I used the strings holding his torso to make a “chain” for tying the legs together to make him stay put.

As for the material, well, it’s a bit soft but not “marshmallow” soft, kind of like, week- old- stale-marshmallow hard really. But I�m not sure if it will crumble over time (hopefully not) but given the choice I think I prefer how NECA did their figure and just went with full rotocast plastic with detailing, but that’s just me. Remember to throw in a silica gel packet into the box when returning Staypuft to make sure it stays dry inside.

lol, even my kids loved old Staypuft.


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