SDCC 2013 Marvel Legends Thunderbolts set

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SDCC 2013 Marvel Legends Thunderbolts set

Box is huge! Dimensions are 25 x10 x 5

The set consists of
-Luke Cage

Luke here is only real reason to get the set IMHO, the rest are just characters no one really asked for.

With the disco-vest and tiara wearing “classic” Luke.


I didn’t have time to grab the classic Crossbones figure from storage to do a comparison shot. Sorry.

Comes with a gatling gun.

The gun has a wind-up gimmick, wind it up and push the release and watch the gun really spin. The ammo isn’t consumed though.



Originally part of Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers team, guess she’s still on the side of angels.

A part of me kinda wishes they use this sculpt to make a proper Ms. Marvel figure.


Err… daughter of Satan, sister of Son of Satan… (we really need bios to go with the ML figs here, Hasbro)


He comes with an alternate head. Since I don’t really read Thunderbolts, I don’t know what the context here is.

I can’t say I’m comfortable with clear figures. They tend to yellow up and become brittle faster than regular figures.


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