SDCC 2015 Marvel Universe Ant-Man Boxset

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SDCC 2015 Marvel Universe Ant-Man Boxset

Be mindful of this little antennae. They tend to snag around.


He’s a reuse of the old 12” Cyclops mold… you can still make out the X on his molded belt. Lol…

The old Toybiz Walmart exclusive Giant-Man still wins though. He’s 13” and has lots more articulation than the latest update.


Goliath seems kinda small. I dunno.. maybe it’s the small frame? He looks shorter than he should be.

I find it sad that they didn’t credit Clint Barton (Hawkeye) for this set. He was Goliath for a while in the comics.


Optional head (Helmet is not removable)

Scott Lang and Hank Pym (Pym cannot stand by himself, tsktsk…)


I wanted to do a full group shot but I don’t have my Marvel Now Ant-Man yet from the Ultron wave and I don’t have my 12” Goliath figure with me at the moment either (in storage). Maybe next time….


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