SDCC 2016 Marvel Legends The Raft Boxset

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SDCC 2016 Marvel Legends The Raft Boxset

Box is pretty big. Measueres 30” x 9.5” x7”


Not bad mainly because of the darker blue, but considering this is the nth Spidey from the ML line, it’s getting redundant. Too bad he doesn’t come with any extra hands, making his right hand fixed in “thwip” pose (unless you’ve got the other ML Spideys so he can “borrow” their hand accessories).



I haven’t gotten my Captain America “Abominaton” wave yet so I can’t make an accurate comparison but I’m pretty sure this guy beats the first Toybiz Abomination from the Hulk Classics wave.

A face only a mother would love…

“Hello there, handsome.”


Since it’s been announced that the next BAF figure for the Spider-man series will be “normal colors” Sandman, here’s another figure that’s just a wasted character slot in an “exclusive (expensive?)” boxset.

I’m getting a more “Clayface” vibe from this figure. Must be the yellow eyes.

The BAF version will come with an optional alternate headsculpt and more weapon accessories.

Personally, the only way I can see Spidey surviving this boxset is by teaming up with Sandman to stop the prison break, Sandman’s not really that evil in the comics.


Well.. here’s another miss for this boxset, as Enchantress is also getting released in the Doctor Strange wave (with darker green paint apps) … good grief, Hasbro…

At least she comes with “magic effects” accessories.

Yeah… I wanna see how the web-crawler gets out of fighting magic..

Purple Man

The Purple man is a villain who can mind control others. Apart from that he doesn’t really have any other powers.

Personally I think he looks like Tony Stark covered in grape juice….


And here we have the true gem of this boxset. Both he and Purple Man are the true “uniques” of this year’s SDCC boxset. Sigh…

His sword can be sheathed.

His body is a heavy retool of the Hobgoblin mold.

Truth be told, I would’ve rather they skipped Abomination and Sandman and just given us a horse for this guy to ride on.

Have at thee, Wall-crawler!

The 2016 SDCC Marvel Legends boxset lineup.


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