Sentinel Amakuni Kizin Genesic Gaogaigar Option Parts set

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Sentinel Amakuni Kizin Genesic Gaogaigar Option Parts set

Protect Shade effect is packed in the big envelope.

Batteries are packed separately from the toy.

This set is an optional upgrade add-on kit for the Sentinel Amakuni Kizin Genesic Gaogaigar (sold separately), featuring a ton of accessories, such as the Bolting Driver, the Galeoria Road (Dimension Pliers) and so much more!!

Drill Knee!!

The set comes with Drill Knee effects parts that mount fairly easily onto the drills. Easy peasy.

Protect Shade!

Before attaching the Protect Shade effect, it’s advised to remove the whole left forearm, put on the effects, activate the forearm plates spring gimmick and then reattach the arm, just to be on the safe side.

Make sure the painted part of the piece is facing the inside to create the proper “glossy” effect on the outside.

The Protect Shade piece has a circumference of roughly 11 inches in diameter.

Broken Magnum!

The “tornado” effects part plugs easily into place. Just be careful when handling Genesic’s articulated fingers and thumb joints (they easily break if mishandled).

Gadget Feather!

Easily the hardest, finickiest part to do on this set! Since the manual was a bit fuzzy on what to do, I had to look up Wotafa’s Youtube video on how to attach the effects parts properly on this thing to avoid breaking any sensitive parts on the GadgetGao’s wings. The most important step is to make sure the wings are first set up like so, insert the effects parts and lower it back down to lock it in.

Make sure to lock this part of the wings down onto a notch in the effects piece for both wings, in order to properly secure the whole thing.

When fully equipped, the entire setup will eat up 27.5 x 16 inches in dimension on a shelf display (the height will be higher if you’re using the display base).

While we never see the Gadget Feather effect burst out crazily like this in the Anime, I think it’s really cool that the designers took some liberties with it and made the whole thing so over the top.

Eleven Planetary Masters of Sol, I will destroy you all!

In case your shelf space lacks the height clearances, here’s what it looks like without the top portions of the effects parts plugged in. It still looks pretty good.

Will Knife!

Created from the head of GadgetGao (tip of Genesic GGG’s tail), the Will Knife forms Genesic Gaogaigar’s main melee weapon used for close combat.

The set comes with an alternative larger blade for the knife. I don’t think this version of the blade was ever shown in any media and something totally conceptualized only for this set?

To quote Crocodile Dundee “That’s not a knife, that’s a knife.”

Genesic Bolt!

The Genesic Bolt is utilized by Gaogaigar when doing wide area damage.

The cloud effect actually simply slots into Galeon’s maw and just sits there. So be mindful of Galeon’s fangs to avoid any problems.

The set included optional “bolts” not seen in the Final Anime, but were featured in the sequel saga, Betterman Vs. Gaogaigar (a Manga series). they’re launched from the shoulders of ProtectGao and BrokenGao.

Be mindful of the plugs, as they are just clear plastic pegs. Clear plastic tends to turn brittle faster than usual plastic.

The bolts can be removed from the effects parts and each can be plugged into the Bolting Driver for various uses. Unlike the Genesic Bolt which does massive area damage, the Broken Bolt provides contained internal explosions on a specific target. While the Protect Bolt provides a protective barrier around its intended target.

The cloud effects parts are smaller compared to the one used for Galeon (Genesic Bolt).

Bolting Driver!

Beautiful details on the handle, featuring clear parts.

Serving as a Genesic Gaogaigar’s version of the Dividing Driver tool, the Bolting Driver is created from GadgetGao’s last two tail sections. The tool’s ability varies based on which Bolt is equipped from Genesic. In the Final Anime, it only used the Genesic Bolt, which creates a large area burst of Genesic Aura that disintegrates all targets in a large radius.

Galeoreia Road!

Easily the biggest accessory in the whole package. Attaching the GR tool to GGGG requires removing both fists off the figure. So proceed with caution. It is advised in the manual that you should remove the individual forearms, attach the tool and then attach the forearms back to the Genesic to avoid incident.

The predecessor to the Dimension Pliers and formed from GadgetGao’s tail sections closest to Genesic’s body, this tool served as the GGG team’s key to victory in escaping the collapsing ES window at the end of Final (as seen in the Betterman Vs Gaogaigar Manga). Requiring tremendous amounts of energy to power, it took the combined GS Rides and J Jewel of the entire Brave Robot Corp to bend dimensional space and open an escape portal with the heavily damaged Genesic.

“This is the key to victory!”

Hell and Heaven!

Both alternate forearms require 2x LR44 batteries (included in the set) each to operate.

Removing the battery covers are quite easy, just simply slide them off, no screwdrivers required. You will need a pick of some sort to eventually remove the batteries, though.

Switch on!!

Hell! and Heaven!

Thankfully, the LEDs are super bright this time around. Unlike the weak LEDs installed in Genesic’s body itself (the whole time, the LEDs were on for all the photos above, yet you can’t make it out in ANY of the images).

lols… For a minute there, I thought I had my forearms switched around and had to look this up, but yeah, the right forearm should be pink.

The LEDs really pop here when the lights are off.

With the GadgetGao effects parts.

Gemu Giru Gan Go Gufo..


You can toggle the LEDs to change their color from pink and orange to green on both ARMS thanks to a small switch next to the elbows.

With the room lights off, this thing looks amazing!

Overall, a crazy impressive set!! I was originally not happy with how Sentinel decided to make Genesic Gaogaigar’s weapons a separate optional add-on, leaving the Genesic very bare, with nothing for weapon accessories. But Holy Cow, did they really make this set worthwhile! The extras add a whole new dimension to the base toy and it shows! The figure looks even more gorgeous now and is an incredible eye-catching piece on any display shelf!

The only downsides are that this set has zero diecast parts, attaching the effects pieces for the Gadget Feather can be VERY tricky (the manual is not really much help) and of course, the slightly nutso total price to complete the whole set. All together, it will roughly set you back 600 USD ($400+ for the Genesic and $100+ for the parts).

Is it worth it? Depends on one’s mileage. I’m a huge Gaogaigar fan, so I’m biased to say yes. But for the casual collector, this high price tag will probably swing a different way.


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