Sentinel Riobot SRX

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Sentinel Riobot SRX

The box set comes with a big outer plastic baggie.

As expected of a rebundled set, the box is huge! Measuring 17 x 12.5 x 12 inches in dimension.

More often than not, the handle for the set is often warped.

This is mainly due to the handle being adjustable on only one side (the left side of the box, when the front is facing you).

Opening up the box gives us a great image of the combined form of the Super Robot Type-X.

The sides of the individual boxes all line up to form a really good image of what’s in store for us in this set.

When transforming R-2 into SRX mode, you’re supposed to take out this C-clip from SRX’s shoulders. You should NOT pull it out while holding the areas that will cause the “C” to implode. Instead hold it from the lateral sides to avoid putting pressure on the spine of the clip when you pull the assembly out. Sigh, I cracked one of my clips while doing the first arm. Drats..

Super Robot X-Type Team sortie!

Ready to form SRX!
All right! Let’s do it, Rai, Aya!

Understood, Nendo Field, on!

Tronium Engine, full drive!

Let’s go! Variable Formation!!

Invincible Super Robot beneath the heavens, come forth!!

Variable Formation as first seen in the 3-part OVA back in 2005.

Variable Formation as seen in the Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars 2006 TV series.

The official designation for the SRX combination is called “Pattern O.O.C.”, short for “Only One Crash”, but Ryuusei changed it to “Variable Formation instead since it sounds cooler.

Super Robot X-Type

Formed by combining the three R-series Personal Troopers, SRX is the crowning achievement of Mao Industries’ SRX Project. Incredibly powerful and armed with highly destructive attacks and weapons, the SRX is more than capable of taking on any opponent, or even an army of opponents. It is all thanks to the special Tronium Engine and the valuable T-Link and Uranus Systems that can only be brought to their fullest potential when all three R-Series units are combined

While the SRX is imposing and seemingly undefeatable on the battlefield, it does have several inherent weaknesses. First, the Tronium Engine core is highly unstable, and requires constant supervision by Rai in the R-2 in order to prevent possible meltdowns should SRX overexert its power output.

Second, the combination can only be maintained by the T-Link Systems of R-1 and R-3, this puts heavy physical and mental strain on the pilots. Rai has to constantly monitor their vitals in order to quickly disengage the combination to prevent permanent damage to the pilots’ minds and bodies.

This all means that SRX cannot be used for sustained or prolonged battles against endless waves of enemies.

The manual indicates that you can actually equip each R-Series unit’s weapons onto hardpoints on SRX, just so that they have somewhere to go. While it is a cool concept, the finished look kinda makes the whole thing look goofy.

“SRX go!”

SRX Attacks

Hi-Finger Launcher! – Powerful beams or scattered energy shots can be fired from SRX’s fingers (formerly R-2’s Hi-Zol Launchers).

Gaun Genocider! – A powerful beam of concentrated telekinetic energy fired from SRX’s BPSS headgear.

Dominion Ball – SRX focuses massive amounts of telekinetic energy into its fist and launches several smaller energy spheres at its opponents.

Zyne Knuckle – SRX charges up TK energy around its fists before launching several powerful punches at its opponent.

Blacklight effects paint is present on SRX’s visor and fingers, shining a blacklight on them will give a nice “glowing” effect.

Blade Kick! – SRX charges up the blade on this foot guard and does a powerful dive kick to slash it against its opponent.

I did the best I could with the figure, given the weight of the thing. I also had to rely on the display base to help prop him up for this shot. I don’t recommend leaving SRX posed like this for long, though.

Tenjou Tenga Muteki Ken (Invincible Sword of Heaven and Earth)! – SRX’s most powerful solo attack! The SRX first draws the Sword’s handle from its chest, the a crystalized blade is then formed from the Zol Orichalconium

Gif clip from the OVA that was released back in 2005.

The SRX and I are unstoppable!

T-Link, full contact!

Releasing Z.O. Sword! Tronium Engine, full drive!

Since the hands cannot hold the sword at all (loose ball-jointed fingers with zero ratchets), you’ll have to use the clip that came with the display base for R-2 to provide “grip” for SRX.

Tear ‘em to shreds, SRX! Graaah!!

Cho Hissatsu! Tenjou Tenga Nendou Bakusai Ken! (Hyper finishing move! Telekinetic Bursting Sword of Heaven and Earth!)

…Nendou Bakusai! (Telekinetic Burst!)

Links to the individual galleries of each R-Series unit




The Good

SRX weighs 925 Grams and stands roughly 13.25 inches tall (counting the tip of the wings).

-Diecast parts include:
–Shoulder Connections
–Sections of the torso
–Knee sections
–Primary joints
–Sections of the connections between each R-Type unit
–Sections of SRX’s feet

-Thankfully, unlike the individual R-Type units, the SRX actually has solid ratchet joints on the shoulders and legs when fully combined.

-Despite being a parts-former. The combined form is very stable. Kudos to the design team for making it work.

-Considering that the set doesn’t use swap-out parts, the combined form has really good proportions.

-Great shelf presence when fully assembled.

The Bad
-Warped handles for the bundle set’s box. I wish Sentinel made designed the handle differently.

-The interlock for SRX’s thigh-to-knee depends on this piece. I think it’s diecast but the connection is held by two halves clipped together and feels somewhat unsecure (for me anyways). I wish this was executed a little bit better. It’s not a deal breaker but I feel the connection should be more solid given it’s the most important connection from the hips down.

-Blacklight effects paint shows up on SRX’s eyes and hands. It’s very cool when you see it, but you have to provide your own blacklight though.

-No real dedicated display base arm to help hold SRX for better action poses. There is a display base arm to make it “quakeproof” while posed in an “A” stance, but it can’t really help you do the “Blade Kick” pose.

The Ugly

No real issues for the combined mode thankfully. I do find properly putting on the SRX helmet a bit awkward sometimes, but it’s a minor complaint.

Overall, the fully combined SRX is a beautiful figure! The paint and finish look great and the whole thing holds poses very, very well, despite being a parts-former. The gestalt’s got decent heft and the size is impressive enough to catch a lot shelf presence, particularly when the Z.O. Sword is equipped.

While I do wish the transformation/ combination was more straightforward and show accurate for all modes, I’m not sure if the engineering could be done while maintaining real stability AND while also keeping costs reasonable. True, the set is a parts-former, but I would rather have a solid, good-looking figures across all modes, rather than fragile, transforming pieces that don’t quite get the real job done. Also, you have to hand it to the designers, they pulled the proportions off without having to do any “better proportioned” parts swapping (except maybe for the hands).

Admittedly, there are a few things I would’ve really liked the set to do and have (detachable Strike Shields for R-3, for one), but I can honestly say I am more than satisfied with the final result. It could’ve been better, but at the same time, it could’ve been a lot worse. Also, judging on how this set didn’t sell so well in Japan (a lot of folks got turned off by the parts-forming, I think), I don’t think we can expect another company to take a swing at making a diecast SRX of this scale for the foreseeable future. So… Only One Crash, huh?

Hmm.. I think I should break out my SRC and SOC Super Robot Wars figures and do a proper group shot together with this set sometime soon….


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