Sentinel X T-Rex 03–Red Getter 1

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Sentinel X T-Rex 03–Red Getter 1

Because this is a retool of the Black version, which had the scarf, the neck joint on this version has too big a gap if you look at it from the side.

Luckily, it’s not that obvious from the front.

Getter Wing

The attachment is very different from the Black Getter One. This is how it should look like :


Getter Tomahawk!

I love how it can pose almost like the TOP statues. Impressive.

Double Tomahawk

Tomahawk storage

Getter Machine Gun Cannons

Getter Beam!

Optional “angry eyes” faceplate.

Possible easily broken tab?

Display stand can support the flying pose!!

Comparison with the Aoshima Getter One.

With the Black Getter One.

With the SOC OVA Getter One

Some notes:

-The Sentinel Getters stand roughly 6” tall and weighs about 209 Grams without the cape. Aoshima Getter one weighs about 422 Grams.

-Nice touch on making the colors slightly different.

-Unlike the Black Getter, this one’s plug cover falls off too easily. It’s almost like nothing’s there holding it in place.

Luckily the plug holds in position very well.

Overall, I like this more than the Black Getter. The colors look great and the cape seems to suit it better than the big oversized piece on the Black version. I wonder if they will make Getters 2 and 3?


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