SH Figuarts Dragonball Super Whis

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SH Figuarts Dragonball Super Whis

So here’s Beerus’ partner, butler, martial arts sensei. He’s not such a bad figure. I was thinking of skipping this guy. I’m glad I changed my mind.

Whis comes with his staff. His powers include teleporting over galactic distances and even reversing time back 3 minutes.

What’s pretty cool is that the sphere at the center of the staff tip is held in place by a thick piece of plastic (glass?) This gives a certain “lens” effect. Nice touch.

In the Dragon Ball Super series, Whis was the one who trained Beerus in martial arts. It’s never been fully discussed but it is presumed that he can beat the God of Destruction in combat.

Lol.. Whis even comes with his own spoon. This guy loves to eat.

Oi! Whis!!

Goku and Vegeta don’t stand a chance against this guy.

Whis, the ultra-powerful Smurf….


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