SH Figuarts Ranma Saotome

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SH Figuarts Ranma Saotome

Ah Ranma, I always loved this Anime back in the day, the comedy and the action spot on, the romance too, the gender bending aspect of this show, not so much…

I think it’s pretty cool they included a display base for this guy.

Ranma comes with a pail and a removable clear blue piece of plastic that resembles water. Genius!

Ranma also comes with his school backpack.

I tried to recreate his pose from the logo on the display base. For some reason, I just can’t seem to pull it off.

Ranma has a huge fear of cats.

Comedy poses!

As much as I love this Anime, I don’t see myself collecting all of the characters. I probably get Akane. But I’m skipping on Shampoo (no love for her) and Girl-type Ranma.


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