S.H. Figuarts Space Sheriff Shaider

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S.H. Figuarts Space Sheriff Shaider

Lol… it’s about time that warning got translated.

I’m glad Bandai finally made all of the Space Sheriffs and we finally get Shaider. This guy was pretty popular back in the day (even though I loathed the Tagalog dub).

Video Beam Gun

Two types of swords.

Laser Blade

Also included is an alternate head, from the scenes where Shaider usually makes his entrance.

Sad Fact: Hiroshi Tsuburaya, the actor who played Shaider died at a very young age (37) due to liver cancer caused by chronic alcholism.

Fun (?) Fact: Naomi Morinaga, who played Annie in the series later appeared in an *ahem* Adult themed magazine. Nothing too graphic though, especially compared to today’s standards.


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