SH Figuarts Super Saiyan Super Vegeta (2016 Cell Games Version)

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SH Figuarts Super Saiyan Super Vegeta (2016 Cell Games Version)

Well, here we go again, barely a few months after the release of the “Premium Color” edition, Bandai pulls a fast one and releases a much better version of the prince of Saiyans will totally new sculpting from the ground up and I gotta say it’s a must have even if it’s the 3 version of the “Saiyan amored” look of the character.

Unlike the “Premium Color” version, this one actually comes with a “folded arms” accessory.

The new sculpting and improved “muscular” frame of the design really makes this the more definitive Vegeta figure compared to the older releases.

He also has “I’m Super Vegeta” thumbs up hand part to go with him to boot!

Big Bang Attack!

Final Flash!

With his son, Trunks.

As you can see, he shares some similar parts with Trunks, I think the main factor why Vegeta looks smaller, is because of the shorter thighs on Vegeta. I can’t really tell if the torso was modified too though. Maybe not?

Comparison with the older sculpts.

Yeeeeeaaaah…. I’ll probably unload the older ones later on. This new one really just seems so vastly superior, there’s no point in keeping the older ones unless you’re a completist. Plus the newer one is a mass retail figure, unlike the older ones which were more expensive to get since they were Tamashii Webshop Exclusives. Sigh… thanks a lot Bandai.


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