SH Figuarts TMNT Donatello

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SH Figuarts TMNT Donatello

Donnie shares the same mold as Leo. No surprise there.

Donnie weighs 164 Grams (Leo was 165). Maybe my scale is off a bit?

The SHF TMNT are actually only just 5.5 Inches tall. From the packaging, they seem like 6” figures.

Also, they share the same height as your average SH Figuarts figure. They only seem bigger due to their bulky frame, which is going to be awkward when they, I assume, start rolling out Shredder and the Foot. The Turtles are only supposed to be 4 feet tall in the old cartoons IIRC.

The back part of Don’s belt can be swapped with a part that has the holder for his bo staff.

Alternate head. Since they share the same bandana tail, you will have swap them around.

It’s too bad Don doesn’t come with an “angry” head. I guess the default head will have to serve as the “tough” face.

I wish Don came with some sort of gadget accessory. So we can at least make the “does machines” moment.

Don’s accessory is a pizza slice. I do wish all the Turtles came with their own pizzas. How can you expect the four guys to share one slice?!


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