SH Figuarts TMNT Leonardo

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SH Figuarts TMNT Leonardo

Wow… I can’t believe Bandai got a hold of the TMNT license. They did a great job on their first outing. The figure really captures the look of the classic cartoon. Plus it’s got diecast to boot!!

Leo weighs 165 Grams. Impressive, especially when you consider SRC Jeeg weighs only 85 Grams.

The back part of the belt can be swapped out to equip the one that has the sword sheathes.

Unfortunately, the sheathes seem too low. You can’t see the sword handles from the front.

Leonardo leads!

Alternate head (you need to swap the bandana tails though)

The Turtles’ legs, feet and belt buckle are made of diecast, From a design standtpoint, the purpose of this was to balance the figure better since the shells were heavy. Leo’s Katanas are plastic though.

Leo’s only other accessory is a manhole cover. Ehh… I would’ve preferred it better if it was a slice of pizza.


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