Shockwave Labs SL-52 upgrade kit for LG-EX Dai Atlas

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Shockwave Labs SL-52 upgrade kit for LG-EX Dai Atlas

When they first showed the promo pictures for Dai Atlas, a lot of folks noticed that the legs were missing any real bulk. Luckily Shockwave labs came to the rescue.

To tab the parts in, fold the panels out first, then attach the parts, then slot them into the port on the legs.

Muuuuuch better!

The parts can also be attached in alt mode, by tabbing under the wings.

Lastly, they can also serve as a upper section of the tank mode, you just have to untab the mushroom peg to split Dai Atlas into components first.

Overall, highly recommended! The plastic is good quality, the colors match perfectly, and I gotta say I love how it comes in a box with a staple over the baggie. It’s a far improvement over how Dr. Wu packages their stuff (just a simple baggie). If you have the LG-Ex Dai Atlas, getting this for $20 USD is a no brainer.


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