Shokugan Modeling Project Voltes V (P-Bandai version)

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Shokugan Modeling Project Voltes V (P-Bandai version)

Wow! This thing is packed.

Volt Crewzer

Piloted by Kenichi Gou, the eldest of the Gou siblings, the Volt Crewzer is the fastest unit and forms the head of Voltes V.

For the life of me, I cannot connect these additional dorsal fins for the Crewzer. My model kit building skills are bad. Lol…

An optional “landing gear” piece is included so that the Crewzer doesn’t look odd on a flat surface.

Before combining, you should swap out these white pieces for the red pieces to recreate Anime accuracy.

Volt Bomber

Piloted by Ippei Mine, the Volt Bomber has the most variable number of weapons on board.

The Volt Bomber features flip out landing gears underneath.

Building the Bomber can be a bit tricky when it comes to the orientation for the elbows, but this is how it’s supposed to go.

Volt Panzer

Piloted by Daijiro Gou, the second eldest Gou sibling, the Panzer is a heavy-armored tank and houses the power supply for Voltes V.

The Panzer’s claws can be deployed as so.

When building the Panzer, make sure this is your orientation for the c0ckpit. I had to rebuild this twice due to wrong direction.

The c0ckpit should be able to do this if done correctly.

The set comes with an optional little locking mechanism to hold the tracks together. I had a really hard time slotting the piece in, so do so at your own risk.

When forming Voltes, you’ll need to remove the Panzer’s back section out to allow the Bomber to slot in.

Volt Frigate

Piloted by the youngest member of the team and youngest Gou sibling, Hiyoshi, the Volt Frigate functions as the group’s field repair unit. It’s also the best suited for underwater missions.

Deployable landing gear

Same as with the Panzer, the Frigate comes with an optional piece to lock the legs together. I had trouble pegging this piece into place as well. So again, do so at your own risk.

Make sure to trim the sprue down cleanly when it comes to closing the halves of the legs. Any incorrect gaps will cause the Frigate’s wings to not be able to fold flush when combining into Voltes. Folding the wings should also be smooth without any resistance.

Volt Lander

Piloted by Megumi Oka, the only female member of the team and daughter of the Commander of the Earth Defense Forces, the Volt Lander features drills and is best suited for underground missions.

Be mindful of the antennae. They’re not quite fragile, thankfully, but you never know when they might get snagged on something or snap off.

Equippable drills. Do note how the stickers should be placed so they won’t get in the way of removing the front plates. I made a mistake and now my right foot plate cannot be removed without damaging the sticker. Oops…

V Together!!

Voltes Five!!!

Created as the last line of defense for Earth against the coming Boazanian Empire invasion, Voltes V is the only chance humanity has against the empire’s powerful giant Beast Fighters.

When fully formed, the Voltes V model kit stands almost 8 inches tall.

I love that the figure sports so many added joints to allow maximum poseability!!

New upper thigh joints.

Mid-torso ab crunch joint.

Mid-torso rotation joint.

Voltes attacks

With the exception of the Ten Ku Ken/ Laser Sword, all of the weapons are exclusive to this set and not available with the mass retail version of Shokugan Model Project Voltes V.

Voltes Missiles!

Chodenji String (Ultra Electro-magnetic Whips)!

Remember to remove the belt sections on Voltes when he’s holding his whips, for show accuracy.

Chodenji Goma (Ultra Electro-magnetic Tops)!

To attach the Tops, just simply remove the bottoms of the tops and plug them into these sections.

Voltes Bazooka!

Ten Ku Ken! (Laser Sword)

The set comes with optional parts for Voltes’ wrists to allow it to hold the sword more naturally.

Laser Sword V-Slash!!

Volt Tank

A concept mode for Voltes V that was never introduced in the cartoons, but was a toy gimmick that mirrored Combattler V’s Grand Dasher.

To recreate the Volt Tank, you’ll need these Panzer tank tread extensions to give the torso the proper height. I don’t think these parts will be included with the mass retail version.

Octo-1 (Tako-chan)

Exclusive to this P-Bandai set and not included in the , Octo-1 is the Voltes Team’s robotic flying pet octopus and mascot. Created by the youngest member of the team, Hiyoshi Go, Octo-1 is friendly and highly intelligent. It also has visual scanners for checking for danger that helped out the team more than once.

Octo-1 doesn’t feature much articulation, just a ball-jointed head. It’s also very out of scale. It shouldn’t be as big as the Voltes ships. I guess if Bandai ever decides to make 5–6-inch figures of the Voltes team members, this would fit in scale perfectly, though.

Mechanical Eagle (Mecha Hawk)

Created by Doctor Gou in secret to help Voltes V when the Boazanians begin making their new Beast Fighters armored with the nearly indestructible alloy, Maxingal.

The set comes with parts to mount under the unit to connect it to Voltes to recreate the docking sequence where Voltes gets a power upgrade.

Overall, I’m very happy with this figure. It’s super poseable, and lots of fun to handle. It’s definitely the most poseable Voltes V figure ever made. So kudos to the Bandai design team on this one.

The downside is that it was a ridiculous pain to build as the margin for error when it comes to cutting the sprue clear is very little (meaning you have to completely trim off any excess), failing to do so would result in gaps appearing and sometimes affecting other areas of the toy. I’m actually thinking if I want to go through this sort of hell again with the mass retail version.

This build is definitely not for beginners in model kit building.


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