SOTA’s Street Fighter Revolutions Wave 1

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SOTA’s Street Fighter Revolutions Wave 1

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After almost 2 years, SOTA finally rolls out the Revolution wave. The line is pretty good and on par with what we’ve come to expect of SOTA’s sculpts and details. The only main drawback is that the joints still break easily, just like their SDCC repainted counterparts.


Dhalsim comes with extra hands and extra long arms and removable skull necklace.

Yoga pose!

Be warned, I twisted Dhalsim’s shoulder wrong and the joint snapped at the base. Grr…


The Sumo master and Ryu’s, er… housemate (see Street Fighter the Animated movie) is big and impressive.

Comes with an optional “open-mouth” head.

Holy strabismus again! Looks like more and more figures are becoming cross-eyed nowadays. Geez..

E.Honda’s signature move, the Hyaku Retsu Harite! (Hundred Violent Sumo Hands!)

Note: while I didn’t encounter any problems with my E.Honda, a friend’s E.Honda broke at the groin joint. So be careful.

The “Red Cyclone” Russian Wrestler. Zangief.

Standing roundhouse kick. I was surprised the figure could do this pose.

Spinning lauriat.

R. Mika

“R” stands for “Rainbow”, she’s a wrestler and dreams of one day meeting her idol, Zangief.

CornerStoreComics Exclusive Metal/Mech-Zangief.

Originally shown in the Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter game, Zangief could later morph into this version of himself in the Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 game.

Street Fighter Revolution wave 1: SOTA’s last hurrah….


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