Souchaku Henshin Series -Masked Rider Black

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Souchaku Henshin Series -Masked Rider Black (GE-16)

Doesn’t really come with much accessories,

If I recall right the series ended kinda sad for the hero, with everyone and everything he cared about either dying or moving on. It was pretty much a sad ending(I just can’t remember if this was in “Masked Rider Black” or the sequel series “Masked Rider Black RX”)

Diecast parts include the “morpher”, the body armor and the feet.

Rider kick!

Souchaku Henshin Series -Masked Rider Bikes (GE-18)

Masked Rider Black RX

The Battle Hopper/AcroBattler diecast set

You basically attach plastic armor parts to a diecast framed inner bike.

Battle Hopper



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