Souchaku Henshin Series -Masked Rider Faiz, Exia, Delta

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Souchaku Henshin Series -Masked Rider Faiz (GD-61)

I was never really fond of the Masked rider series but for some reason the design on this one appealed to me, maybe because it didn’t look like a bug or mutant but more like a cybernetic armor suit.

Smart Brain carry case

Faiz Shot

Faiz Phone gun

Faiz Pointer

Faiz Edge

Souchaku Henshin Series -Masked Rider Faiz and AutoVajin

The Autovajin bike for Masked Rider Faiz

Comes with a removable, non-articulated Faiz figure that you can swap out with the Souchaku Henshin toy. The bike itself has no diecast parts, however.

strangely enough. The Autovajin is bigger and heavier than the BattleHopper bike, despite the latter having diecast parts and the previous having none.

Souchaku Henshin Series -Masked Rider Kaixa (GD-62) and Delta (GD-73)


Kaixa (GD-62)

Delta (GD-73)

Another great find. These went on 50% off sale. Thanks to Astrogirl for helping me get these while I was away.


Henshin! Complete!

Kaixa Blaygun

Kaixa Edge

Kaixa Shot

Kaixa Pointer

Kaixa later died near the end of the TV series and also in the Alternate universe one shot movie “Masked Rider 555:Paradise Lost”

The character who wore the Kaixa belt in the series was also able to wear all the other belts including Faiz and Delta Drivers at various points in the show.


Henshin! Complete!

Being the prototype of the Driver belts, the Delta unit lacks the gear present in the Kaixa and Faiz belts. Also the wearer tends to become mentally unstable and addicted to the power of the belt.

Delta Phone blaster

Delta vs Kaixa

Faiz vs Kaixa

All three Riders (all three teamed up in one episode, but later on went back to being opponents/ rivals)

Rider Kicks

All three Driver belts. Delta, Faiz and Kaixa.


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